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Design project in Instant Classics style in Nebesnaya str., Kopische village, Minsk district (New Borovaya)

Photos of Design Project in process

     About the project:  

     Here you can see the result of the designer and customers’ co-operation. Indeed, every project is team work, where the designer’s task is to hear the customer’s wishes and dreams and at most implement them in the project, taking into account the ergonomic aspects and functionality! All of these is the guarantee of comfortable living in the future interior!

     The interior design turned out light and airy, which is very good, as the flat area is not big, but there are a lot of living functions: a bedroom, a big clothes room with a laundry zone, a kitchen-diner, a spacious bathroom, and all of these in 40,6 m2 in total!

      The interior style is Instant Classics, where we didin’t use more modern solutions. The wall and the ceiling colour is the same, to maximally emphasize the height of the ceiling, which is finally going to be 2900 mm high. This is also a very fashionable method which makes the ceiling more airy and light, and the latent lightings in the bedroom and the bathroom highlight this effect even more!

      The wall and ceiling colour will be pearly without a warm sheen. A warm effect will be added by the lighting, which in the ideal case should be 3000K in living accommodation, but wall bracket lamps and floor lamps cam be warmer. For more modern interiors we could find a colder light, but we stopped at a warm and enshrouding one…

       The space is filled with plasterwork, mouldings, lamps and some minor decoration elements. In the bedroom there is an additional effect, accenting the table lamps light – mirror panels on the wall.

       The furniture and textile also bring some colour accents into the interior. There are two variants of the kitchen colour, the grey one can be in more delicate colours, and the white is more airy.

In the bathroom, we decided to use tiles in minimum, only in wet zones, the other walls will be painted. We combined the laconic DOREX tile collection with an interesting set of furniture, were the sink cabinet has round forms according to the layout concept, with plasterwork imitation on the fronts. The cupboard and the front of the functional block over the toilet are implemented in the same style.

       Such a cosy, visually roomy flat we got. The main zest of the interior are, to my mind, the big modern windows and exit to the terrace, and, of cource, the high ceilings! Without such basic data, it would not be easy to create such an elegant and airy interior, because considering one we should always take into account the architecture, so that the selected interior style is revealed to a maximum.

       Above you can see the fragments of creating the interior according to the stages of the design project. The initial stage of its implementation can be followed in the 3rd gallery!

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