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Design project in modern style in Pobeditelej prospect, Minsk

Photos of Design Project in process

       About the project:

       This interior project was made for a family with a little child. I was not the first designer, a lot of variants of plans having been considered… Why so many? Because the task was not easy, and the area for implementation was only 61,5 m2 ) But as we say, we are not looking for easy ways )

        On this area we located an entrance hall and a stock room, a kitchen-dinner, a separate bedroom and a child’s room with an enclosed balcony!

        The most difficult was to locate the working place. Eventually, it will be in the kitchen. There will be a special stand for a laptop, the chairs being higher than usual, as the person who will work at that table is tall, so our choice of the chairs is going to be to the uttermost pedantical. By the way, the table was supposed to be with hidden drawers for storing the laptop and different stuff. I hope, we’ll be able to implement it with the furniture makers madе-to-measure! It is also possible to provide for a foldable table in the living room, which are plentiful in the market. Such tables are a great help when you receive guests.

         The bedroom was made where the kitchen originally had been, and due to this we provided acoustic isolation of the walls and the ceiling in the flat. The bedroom turned out to be compact, but we could even place a storage system here, which was visually and constructively very light, so that it didn’t lie heavy on the bed.

        In the child’s room we considered different variants of beds, a transformer, a house for the future, to understand the variants of the bedding, depending on the age of the child and saving the playing space.

        We combined the bathroom and the toilet, and it turned out very cosy: a comfortable bath with a shower system, a big and wide drawer cabinet and a lot of shelves. Behind the installation there is a communication cabinet, the towel dryer and the place for bath robes are hidden to avoid visual mess in case guests come;) There are also homey lights for a special atmosphere.

        We designed the entrance hall, as the rest of the flat, in the same light shade of the wall finishing, used furniture bars in the whole flat for the style unity. In the bedroom, the function of the bars is fulfilled by a soft bedhead.

        A lot of forces were spent for the design of the kitchen, the utility area and the wardrobe in the entrance hall! But that was worse it, it turned out very creative and, what is more important, functional. We managed to locate all the necessary things and keep the rule of a working triangle in the kitchen.

        This is what an interior we have got! Below you can see all the creation stages, and how the concept and the idea changed. This project is now at the stage of implementation! See the new photos in the 3-D (3rd) gallery!

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