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Design project in contemporary style in D3 appartment complex 135A, Minsk

    We propose a video-survey of the interior, where you can see all its particulars and hear about the technical details and zests of the project. Below, there is an article and some photographs to read and view.

    Further on, you can find out more about the stages of creating the project and its implementation history on the photographs in the last gallery.

дизайн прихожей
дизайн гостиной
дизайн гардеробной

        About the project:  

        The interior project of a flat of 63,5 m2 in a residential complex “D3”, Minsk 


        The project customer was a businessman from Spain, a native Spanish citizen, who consulted the designer on the stage of choosing a flat in Minsk. He was looking for accommodation to stay temporarily for work. The customer wanted to find a flat of moderate area up to 60 m2, on a high floor overlooking the city. The choice turned to “D3” residential complex near Drozdy water storage. The flats of this residential complex have a marvelous view of the water storage and the city. The flat layout is not simple, but is free and has suitable area.

          In fact, the customer didn’t have a lot of expectations to the layout and the interior, and let the designer show her creativity and taste with complete confidence. His main wishes were to combine the bathroom, not to install a bath, to have a separate bedroom, but with a wide doorway, in order to watch TV from the bed, and the rest of the space could be open. Parquet strips in all the rooms were a must, in general quite a light interior, paintings and space for pieces of art were welcome. Blackout system and inflow exhaust ventilation were also required.

раздвижные двери

        According to his wishes, Olga designed an ergonomic layout, in which she managed to hide all the solid columns, as well as to save the space and air in the flat and leave it at most visually spacious. Initially, the ceiling in the rooms was 2.7 m high, but due to the ventilation and built-in disk lights, it lowered to 2.58 m. This situation was improved by the ceiling-high doors, which significantly increased its height.

       On the floor, there are parquet strips of a very beautiful shade, in some places plum-coloured, the tiles on the balcony matching the colour. The walls are of a pleasant light shade, which is given volume by the modern plasterwork. The same materials have been used throughout the flat: the tiles, parquet floor, wall colour, the tabletops and the furniture front materials. All these help save the unity of style, achieve laconism and avoid visual filthiness.

       The colour scheme of the seating furniture was chosen with regard to the view from the window, where there is a lot of greenery and natural shades. Due to this, the interior looks fresh and lively in any weather. Fashionable shades of purple perfectly match the green ones and add sophistication and comfort to the interior. A tender golden shade of the door frames plays with deep green velvet in a very noble way. The main feature of the interior is the mirrors with the ageing effect, where the shades resonate with the colour scheme of the interior and are nobly highlighted by the window curtains. The mirrors expand the spaсe, visually enhance the vertical and act as architectural masses of the interior, which make up the essential interior rhythm.

      The interior was developed on a turn-key basis, so for complete perfection Olga painted a series of five pictures in the same colour scheme, the graphical geometric pattern of which emphasizes the consistency and accuracy of the interior

дизайн спальни
картины в интерьере
черная кухня

       The interior is filled with natural plants, which take us in our mind to a live oasis, create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort, which is especially important after business meetings.

       The lighting in the interior is developed with regard to the planned rest in the flat after working days and flights. Soft lighting of the paintings, backlighting of the curtain niches add romance and lightness. If necessary, there is functional ceilings light, bracket and floor lamps. A zest is a chandelier above the table with an unusual scattering of rays on the ceiling from its glass petals. But no chandelier can compare to the view on the evening city.


The interior has come off with character which reflects the customer and his way of life, and the purpose of this living space.

P.S. None of the objects was brought especially for the photo shooting, the interior lives exactly in the way it is represented in the photographs.

тумбочка в спальню
столовая группа
зеленое кресло

Trademarks and brands in the project:

Wall tiles - Marmi Bianci calacatta, Coem

Floor parquet-like tiles on the balcony – Afromosia intense

Parquet - Only Virtoni brand, V 129, Virtoni salon, Minsk

Paint - Pittsburgh Paints brand, the USA

Board furniture by designer’s sketches – executed by Arsimobili, Minsk


Textile – textile salon Art-Moda-Stil, Minsk

Sockets and switches – E3, Gira

Bed linen - Eclin Home, Minsk

Décor - Zara Home, Ikea, El Corte Ingles, Sia, Jysk and others

Lighting: disk lights Slv 135150, chandelier by Crystal-lux, spotlights by Globo and Lucide, spots by Azzardo, bracket lamp over the bed by Ideal Lux, floor lamps by Nordlux

Doors by designer’s sketches, executed by Arsimobili, Minsk

Sanitary equipment: Viega, Hueppe, Tres, Margarolli, Laufen, Hansgrohe, Villeroy & Boch

Tabletops - Technistone noble supreme white quartz

Carpet in the bedroom - SKY, Calligaris, carpet in the living room –, cow’s skin, Argentina

Bedside cabinet in the bedroom –, Russia

Dining table – design BYfurniture, Minsk

Plaster décor - Orac décor

Coffee table on the balcony – Ikea

Coffee table by the armchair – Zara Home

Kitchen equipment: Faber, Blanco, Teka, Weissgauff

Sitting furniture – tailor-made

Plant racks – tailor-made

зеркало в прихожей
круглое зеркало в ванной
оформление балкона

Photographer: Ehor Piaskovsky

Interior Designer: Olga Kupchinskaya

Stylist: Olga Kupchinskaya

Paintings in the project: Olga Kupchinskaya

About the Design Project Process

Photos of Design Project in process