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Design project in modern minimalistic style in D3 appartment complex, Minsk

Photos of Design Project in process

      About the project:

      I prepared this interior project for a family with a 7-year-old child. The task was to develop an interior with a child’s room, a bedroom with a clothes room, a living room where guests could stay over, a spacious dining kitchen, a bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe, and all of these in 89 m2.

      It was not an easy task, different variants were considered, but we stopped at the one described below. This solution reflects the customers’ wishes as much as it was possible.

      Regarding such a “tight” layout and expectations, we decided to make the interior light and spacious with minor colour accents. The child’s room, which turned out pretty dynamic and radiant, has become a bright exception.

      In the bedroom, there will be an unusual fresco behind the bedhead, the accent with turquoise shades in the decoration and an armchair. As well as minimalistic lighting, a cosy and capacious clothes room.

      In the child’s room, I designed an interesting, to my mind, set of furniture, where there is enough space for storage, a comfortable working place, a cosy bed with different lighting and gym wall bars. A bright wall with a graphic print, which we are going to paint with different colours, also adds some dynamics. Such a room will also be suitable for a teenager.

      In the living room, there is a very laconic design, which will be highlighted with accents of fuchsia shades. The accent will be on the TV-zone composition from furniture rakes and wide-format ceramic porcelain tiles by Laminam, combined with furniture storage elements.      There is a working place provided in the living room, which fits into the whole interior in an easy laconic way.

      Kitchen is the heart of the house! There is a wonderful view to a water storage lake, so we just could not make it small and narrow. In the center of the kitchen, there is a magnificent big table for the whole family and their guests! Sitting at such a table, one can enjoy this marvelous view all year round! The kitchen furniture set abounds in the storage space, the location of the kitchen triangle being very functional: a fridge, some free space, a sink, a cooking place, a cooking hob, a microwave cooking zone and an oven. The kitchen is light and cosy. To match the living room TV-zone, we designed the kitchen TV-zone in the same way, but with a different composition of the elements.  The kitchen door will mostly be open, so we wanted to unite it with the living room instead of separating them.

      We decided to leave only one bathroom in the flat, where there is a roomy shower cabin, a toilet, a washbasin with a large mirror and a washing unit. The highlight of the bathroom, as well as the entrance hall, is a mirror door!

      In the entrance hall, there is a big and convenient wardrobe with a seating zone.

      So, in short, this is the result of our finicky job together with the customers!

      I suggest looking through a part of the project files for better understanding of the design process according to the project stages described in Services section on my website. I hope, you will like it. )

      P.S. You can follow the implementation of the project at the end of the gallery.

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