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individual approach - creating your own unique interior


Concept project:
  1. Measuring;

  2. Photo fixation of the object;

  3. Measuring plan;

  4. Technical Design Development;

  5. Design of furniture and equipment placement (minimum 3 variants);

  6. Schematic diagram of deconstruction;

  7. Schematic diagram of construction;

  8. Post-replanning schematic diagram;

  9. Final schematic diagram of furniture and equipment placement;

  10. Schematic diagram of floor covering based on the final variant of furniture placement (schematic diagram of furniture and equipment placement);

  11. Schematic diagram of lighting and main ceiling zones on the basis of the final variant of furniture placement (schematic diagram of furniture and equipment placement);


Concept project:

  1. Technical Design Development;

  2. Visiting shops and salons with the designer to see the materials/equipment for the project–not more than 3 times by appointment – included in the payment of the stage;

  3. Developing stylistical mood boards for each room included in the project.
    A mood board reflects the general design-conception of the future interior, represents materials, decoration elements, furniture and equipment, both real and analogous;

  4. Developing 3D visualization in black-and-white, without detailed design to coordinate functional and spatial solutions;

  5. Developing 3D visualization in full colour with showing textures and materials;

  6. Minor corrections on colour, details or elements. Corrections do not suppose a complete change of the interior conception/ design. Major corrections are made at extra cost upon agreement.


Technical documentation:

  1. Technical Design Development;

  2. Measuring plan;

  3. Deconstruction layout;

  4. Construction layout;

  5. Post-replanning layout;

  6. Furniture and equipment placement layout;

  7. Water supply and plumbing equipment layout;

  8. Air conditioning and exhaust ventilation layout;

  9. Underfloor heating layout;

  10. Layout of lighting according to the turn-on groups with furniture placement;

  11. Lighting layout with dimensions

  12. Layout of sockets and switches with furniture placement;

  13. Layout of sockets and switches with dimensions;

  14. Ceiling layout. Dimensions, height connections;

  15. Ceiling layout with furniture placement;

  16. Floor covering layout;

  17. Floor covering layout. Layout of plinths with furniture placement;

  18. Door assembly layout;

  19. Indoor wall decoration layout;

  20. Indoor wall decoration specification;

  21. Complicated wall joint layouts (at designer’s decision);

  22. Additional sheets are added individually, depending on the project complexity;

  23. 3 obligatory visits to the object;

  24. Сhecklist for repair;

  25. Video Review of Technical Documentation.

Full Design-project from 74 $ 1 sq m - Author's support of the project - not included in the price!
You can order a design project:
  1. Stage I;

  2. Stage I + Stage III;

  3. Full set Stage I + Stage II + Stage III.

The work is done on the basis of contract with individuals and legal persons. Payment is effected to the checking account (payment details are provided in the contract).

As a result of the development of a complete design project, you will receive:

1. Printed album of the Design project in A3 format;
2. Printed album of the Design project in A4 format;
3. Printed album of 3D visualization in A4 format;
4. Notepad "Author's support / Checklist of your repair";
5. Gifts from me :)

I love design in every detail, the presentation of the project has a special aesthetic for me! At the end of our cooperation, you will receive a truly beautiful Design project in a stylish design, prepared from the heart!
IV STAGE - Developing price quotations on furniture and equipment from suppliers:

When the Design project is ready, I will provide you with a number of price quotations from approved and reliable suppliers of furniture/materials/equipment I work with. I’ll also help you find a construction brigade.
V STAGE -  Author’s supervision:

After finishing work on the Design project we can optionally agree upon my supervision of the construction and decoration works. This includes:

Consulting by phone/messengers/e-mail/other means of communication during working hours – free of charge.


On-site visit, not more than once/1 hour a week, is scheduled in advance and logged in the journal of visits. Payment for the visits is discussed separately.


Extra shop visits (if necessary) for choosing materials/furniture/equipment agreed in advance. Payment for the visits is discussed separately, depends on the time spent (standard payment for the visit + hourly rate).


For author’s supervision we sign an additional agreement to the contract for the design project development.

Additional services:

Consulting on the layout concept/coordination, help in choosing accommodation before buying it.


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