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Design project for ECOIST café, Minsk district, Kopische village, Nebesnaya str., building 10 (New Borovaya)

Photos of Design Project in process

        About the project:

        Design concept for ECOIST café came up quite quickly, we started from the café logo and the logobook, where the main colour was turquoise, as well as the philosophy of the name!

        “Ecoist is a person who loves himself and loves nature. He consumes everything ecologically. Ecoist is a place about ecological, balanced food with no excessive sugar, salt or flavor boosters. Genuineness in everything.”

Basing on this conception, we decided to create in this café an atmosphere of relax and comfort with the help of phytopanels, plants and greenery. There will even be a mini kitchen garden, where guests can plant their own healthy greens.

In this café, we decided to make some small and two bigger tables, at one of which you’ll be able to sit on cosy sofas, and at the second one facing the window! In case of a bigger company the two bigger tables can be moved together. At the bar counter we have three bar stools and a toy kitchen for children!

        The café will have a big green wall with a title “For beautiful photos”, and this theme will also be went on in the water-closet, girls will appreciate this ;)

        The walls will be covered with special turquoise panels for practical reasons and for an accent, the rest of the walls and the ceiling will be the same colour, a little bit rough and more natural, not super smooth. Simple, but comfortable and stylish furniture and equipment. Lights by &Tradition Formakami will highlight the atmosphere in a very interesting way. We also plan a lot of wooden texture in the interior. The floor coating texture will resemble concrete.


The most interesting thing is to be able to watch the cooks’ work! Most of the food will arrive ready-made from the main kitchen, as the café kitchen area will not allow to cook so many yummies, but the tastiest things will be cooked on the spot!


Very soon we will get the keys from the facility and will start long awaited implementation, so follow or new in the third gallery on Instagram!

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